When is Enough, Enough? With the CEO of Carson Wealth, Ron Carson

A large part of the Way2WealthⓇ process is finding joy in the now, being able to understand your finances and fully live because of that knowledge. On today’s episode, Ron Carson, the CEO and founder of Carson Group joins us to discuss the concept of having enough.

Typically, people want their finances to be simple and they come to the Way2WealthⓇ to find that. What they really want in these cases is to know they have enough, to feel secure in their financial future and be wealthy, healthy, wise, and happy.

Ron watched his family struggle with money from a young age. This tough experience caused a significant amount of pain, making him feel like he’d never have ‘enough’. This unhealthy drive caused Ron to work towards burnout, unhappy and unsatisfied with life.

Eventually, Ron realized the position he had put himself in and began to put the self-work in that allowed him to overcome those negative feelings. He found a freeing way to live, being in the present without the burden of always working towards the next monetary marker.

Money does buy happiness to a certain level, that is no secret. But beyond a certain marker, science suggests we don’t gain more joy with more money. It’s about recognizing when we have enough and freeing ourselves from the burden of always focusing on financial goals, when life is happening in the now.

Check out Ron’s Dreamweaver Foundation: https://dreamweaver.org/


0:00 – Welcome Ron Carson!

2:10 – Reviewing the Way2WealthⓇ

3:47 – The concept of having enough

8:52 – Recognizing you have enough

11:40 – Redefining goals with money

15:53 – Re-structuring your money and mission

19:04 – Shoutout to Dreamweaver Foundation

20:25 – Having a dream to work towards



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