Strengthening Relationships Through Improving Ourselves with Dr. Margaret Paul

When you discuss the healthy, wealthy and wise process, the first step to happiness is relationships. Love is the ultimate form of wealth and we find that through connections with others.

What we fail to realize is that we can’t build these relationships until we first love ourselves. When you feel empty and lonely inside, that feeling gets projected onto others through anger, blame and so many other emotions. When people start to see that self-abandonment is the underlying cause for most relationship problems, they’re then able to start addressing the issues.

This is why we wanted to spend some time Dr. Margaret Paul. She’s someone we’ve known for some time and grown to really appreciate the work she does. Not only is she a best-selling author and relationship expert, but she’s also the co-creator of the Inner Bonding process of self-healing.

We want to talk about how to find this happiness and fulfillment within ourselves through self-healing this process and we’ll get a thorough explanation of the six-step process they use to accomplish that.

  1. Learn to get present in your body to feel pain
  2. Move into intent to learn
  3. Dialogue with your inner child
  4. Dialogue with your higher guidance
  5. Take loving action
  6. Evaluate your action

We’re excited to share this wisdom with you today because we feel it can really change your life. Finding that inner peace will lead to more productivity because you’ll be in a much stronger position to express yourself and understand what you’re meant to accomplish in this life.

Join us on today’s episode as we discuss these important topics and more:

  • Why does love start with loving yourself? (5:08)
  • A breakdown of the six steps to inner bonding (9:22)
  • Advice for how to get inside your body. (16:45)
  • Ways we abandon ourselves and the effect that has. (19:19)
  • How this applies to work relationships and culture. (22:27)
  • The 3 pillars to excellent health. (24:45)
  • How to learn more about Dr. Paul and the services they offer. (29:35)



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