Spirituality, Health, and Happiness with Dr. Diva Nagula

The Way2Wealth is about making money simple, so you can live now and focus on your health and happiness. Much of that journey is spiritual and that’s what we’ll explore today. Once we have wealth, we need the health to enjoy our financial freedom. On today’s episode, we have a guest with a unquie background and story, Dr. Diva Nagula.

Diva was a practitioner of western medicine for many years, focusing on pain management and treatment. After residency he started his own practice, learning how to be a business owner on top of being a doctor. As his practice grew, he looked to hire more people and delegate more, but was surprised by the complications of running a team. After about 7 years Diva was feeling burnt out and looked to exit his practice.

Unfortunately, shortly after exiting Diva was diagnosed with Stag 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As he researched his diagnosis, he came to the conclusion a large issue was his lifestyle. Always trying to reach the next goal and never taking time to relax and enjoy live had taken its toll on Diva.

Fortunately, Dr. Nagula is now in remission thanks to the life style he leads that is focused on health and happiness. On today’s show we’ll explore the journey he has gone through as a business owner, cancer survivor, and doctor, and how he’s helping others achieve optimal health.

Dr. Nagula’s book: https://fromdoctortopatient.com/read-the-book/

Join us as we discuss with Dr. Nagula:

      • Why nutrition and inflammation are important to understand.
      • Spirituality’s role in our health and being of service to others.
      • The things you need to focus on to improve your health.


2:20 – Dr. Diva’s background

10:26 – Why is inflammation so important?

13:01 – The change in his journey and career

15:32 – The system is backwards

18:48 – The importance of spirituality

20:17 – A few critical things to focus on



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