Legacy and Family Constitution with Rich Christiansen

Why do we build wealth? Why do strive for financial independence?

It’s for our families.

On today’s episode, we are going to speak about strengthening our family structure through values and how this relates to financial planning. Rich Christiansen, joins us to discuss passing on passion and success to the next generation of your family and beyond. He is the founder of dozens of businesses, the author of multiple books, and the father of a family he is teaching to embrace entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and success.

We all want what is best for our children. After a life-altering moment in his own life, Rich knew that he needed to invest more time and energy into his family. He wanted to be there for them, to pass on his values and joys. The Way 2 Wealth is about making money simple, allowing you to live the life you have always wanted to with your family.

Rich has a groundbreaking approach to building a strong family structure. To him, it’s all about developing family symbols, mission statements, traditions, and doctrine. He provides valuable guidance to his children and grandchildren, inviting them to participate in family rites that encourage them to be strong, compassionate, and innovative. You do not want your values to be interpreted after you have died, teach them to your family today so that they can carry them on in the future.

So, how can you implement this structure into your family? How can you ensure your children and grandchildren strive for success and innovation? Rich is going to go in-depth on how his approach to family bonding and how it paves the pathway for your family without being overbearing. In many ways, this structure is connected to business and finance. The parts that make a successful business can make a successful legacy.

Listen to today’s show to learn more about Rich and his approach to family legacy building!

Make sure to learn more about his process at: https://legadofamily.com/



1:01 – Introducing Rich Christiansen

2:53 – His backstory

8:39 – What do we want to pass on?

10:14 – Rich’s thoughts on family

23:31 – Conversations with family

25:42 – Family structure & rites of passage

33:01 – Growing and improving

37:16 – How do you put this in place?



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