It Takes a Team ‘2’ Build Wealth with Garrett Gunderson

We’ve discussed the ‘Way’ on The Way2Wealth®. Today, we are going to focus on the ‘2’ and exactly what it means to have an efficient team.

To help us with our discussion today, we are happy to invite Garrett Gunderson, the founder of the Wealth Factory, on the show. Throughout his career, he has been drawn to helping entrepreneurs with their finances and seeing business owners prosper with a dynamic organization.

Growing up in the small town of Price, Utah, Garrett had dreams of entrepreneurship from a young age. He recognized the scarcity mindset within his own family and within himself. It eventually dawned on him that money should be used to live a meaningful life, not to limit our options by keeping us fearful of spending. Garrett knew he wanted to make money simple for those that he taught and worked with. As an author, entrepreneur, standup comedian, and passionate speaker, Garrett is changing the way we think about money and success.

In The Way2Wealth® name, the ‘2’ stands for the team. Both Garrett and Scott acknowledge the importance of a strong team. With expertise comes financial empowerment for their clients. Collaboration between mentors and peers affords an opportunity to learn from others on topics you may not be an expert at.

Unfortunately, we see a lot of financial advisors becoming financial salespeople. Instead of putting the needs of a client’s individual circumstances at the forefront of each plan, we tend to see a lot of ‘goal setting’ plans. These plans don’t necessarily fit everyone’s life, they are not one-size-fits-all. With a good group of people, you can avoid clients becoming transactions because you will have the time and expertise to provide your clients with a better experience.

Having a strong team means having roles that fit your people. In these roles you know your team member is confident and talented. A passionate group will want to learn and grow with you. They will also save you time and lower your risk of losses. When your players are ‘A’ quality, The Way2Wealth® becomes clearer. Join us on today’s episode as we dive deeper into creating an outstanding team.



1:20 – What got Garrett into finance

3:52 – His earliest memory of money

8:23 – How has the pandemic changed things

14:50 Garrett’s thought on team

19:59 – Clients are not transactions

23:57 – What players you need on your team

25:50 – Finding ‘A’ players

31:58 What Garrett is up to now



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