Following a Process and Avoiding Emotional Decisions with Jake Stone


We are welcoming back Jake Stone on today’s episode to help us break down the current economic trends and how it’s impacting investors. The current market volatility might be making you nervous, but having a process is essential to withstand these market dips.

Our dollar today isn’t going to be the same valued dollar in ten or twenty years. There are a lot of “big scary things” out there but being comfortable with your plan is essential. Withstanding a bear market or a recession means your savings bucket is more important than ever.

Having a financial advisor is like having an emotional coach. You have to avoid emotional decision-making when it comes to saving for the future. Timing the market never works. This is exactly why we prioritize the bucketing strategy in the Way2WealthⓇ.

Join us on today’s episode and we break down these topics and much more with Jake:

  • What do we see going on in the market? How do we put this into perspective? (8:00)
  • Strategies to keep up with inflation and the changing value of the dollar. (13:00)
  • What are some examples people can implement in the growth bucket? (16:19)
  • Following the process will keep you and your finances safe. (21:43)

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