Fiscal Challenges Our Country Faces and the Impact on Americans with David Walker


No one could have predicted the litany of issues we’d be facing as a nation in the year 2022, but the fiscal challenges didn’t just begin this year. The policies we’ve seen from the government have led to loads of spending and debt, and it’s put our country in a delicate position.

That’s why we invited David Walker, a former United States Comptroller General and former professor at the US Naval Academy, onto the show to discuss the key issues we’re all facing right now. He recently finished up another book called America in 2040: Still a Superpower? A Pathway to Success and it serves as a ‘wake-up call’ for where we are headed.

So what needs to be done for more fiscal sanity and sustainability? We’ll get David’s insight on that question, and we’ll also find out what financial planning moves individuals can be making to take control of their future in the midst of this uncertainty.

Join us on today’s episode and we break down these topics and much more with David:

  • The premise for his recent book and why he’s worried about the future of America. (2:01)
  • The biggest challenges we’re facing right now in 2022. (11:09)
  • What needs to change with the fiscal policy in America? (13:41)
  • The problems within our current society and why we think short-term. (19:56)
  • What can be done to improve fiscal sustainability? (22:11)
  • Why you need to re-think the vehicles you’re using for saving and investing right now. (24:34)
  • Where you need to focus as an individual to take control of your own future. (27:10)
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