Ep 70: Travis Steffens: Breathwork Meets Wealth; Capitalism with a Conscience and Societal Transformation

This week, we chat with Travis Steffens, a man whose life reads like an adventure novel. In our chat, we uncovered the fascinating synergy between breathwork and capitalism that’s reshaping our understanding of wealth. From the rugged terrains of a Colorado ranch to the zenith of real estate success, Travis’s journey through the creation of the Breath Source app illuminates the path to financial clarity and simplicity.
In the conversation, we dive into three main subjects:

  • The relationship between health and wealth
  • Revolutionary ways we can approach societal challenges like homelessness, with a twist on how environment and psychology intertwine to affect change at a cellular level.
  • The relationship between inspiring a sense of significance and belonging and societal transformation.

Be prepared to have your thoughts provoked and your vision for a wealthier life—inside and out—expanded far beyond the bank account.

More about our guest, Travis Steffens:
Travis Steffens’ journey began on a Colorado ranch, shaping his commitment to healing. His path led through real estate and a deep connection with the forgotten. Transforming lives in slum-lord areas, he hired and rehabilitated the homeless, inspired by teachings from Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Breathwork emerged as a powerful tool. Teaching it to his team during renovations, Travis saw its impact and created The Breath Source app. Within three years, it became the first Breathwork Marketplace app, uniting 20,000 users globally with 56 leading Breath Masters.

Now, The Breath Source isn’t just an app; it’s a community revolution, offering exclusive content and a new approach to health and wellness. Travis’s journey stands as a testament to compassion, innovation, and the transformative power of the human breath, inspiring a Conscious Capitalist difference at the cellular level and beyond.
Learn more about Travis and the Breath Source App here.

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