Ep 69: Achieving Entrepreneurial Freedom: Wealth, Wellness, and Data-Driven Growth with Jared Yellin

Unlock the secrets to a life that thrives in both wealth and wellness as we sit down with Jared Yellin, the visionary entrepreneur behind Project 10K, who shares his journey toward entrepreneurial freedom. When Jared was just 20, a defining moment catapulted him toward the creation of a life where business success, personal health, and strong relationships are not mutually exclusive but a unified goal. His story, woven throughout our conversation, offers an inspiring blueprint for those aiming to achieve success without sacrificing the non-negotiable values that make us who we are.

Today, we discuss all this plus:

  • The concept of opportunity cost; examining how strategic time management in our professional and personal lives can lead to profound growth
  • Jared’s Life Audit process; a method for evaluating how our actions contribute to our goals
  • How data-driven decision-making can propel a business forward

In the world of software development, we explore the impact of capital investment and the rise of capital-efficient firms that challenge traditional investment models. Join us as we uncover how to let data lead the way in business, making emotionless, KPI-driven choices that optimize time, our most precious asset, and how this approach can bring your entrepreneurial aspirations to fruition.

To learn more about our guest, Jared Yellin, Founder and CEO of Project 10K, please head to www.project10k.com

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