Ep 63: Family Banking with Senior Wealth Advisor, John Saunders, VP of Business Development & Wealth Advisor, Bonnie Bailey and Senior Wealth Advisor Ashley Sowers

We’ve got the whole squad on for today’s show to round out the season. And today we’re discussing Family Banking. How to save for the future. We’ve heard time and time again, the best way to save is by committing to the long term and Scott hosts an incredibly insightful round table discussion with three key team members and returning guests, John, Bonnie and Ashley each with a unique perspective on how to create a family bank. 


Here are the highlights from the show:


  • How to create a family bank (1:36)

  • How does Infinite Banking work? (7:34)

  • Cash on Deposit vs. Cash on Loan (10:38)

  • Understanding the benefits of a whole life policy (16:10)

  • The Pros and Cons of dividend paying whole life insurance (19:33)

  • The importance to committing to saving money (24:10)

  • Closing remarks and wrapping up this season with the team (26:36)



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We are so grateful to have brought to you another season of leaders in the community to provide value for you and your family in an effort to find your way to wealth. We are taking a short break to get the very best of the best all lined up for you.


We’re excited for our next season as we dive deep into the practices that set us apart and have valuable conversations with the leaders of the industry. Stay tuned for more!

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