Ep 58: Navigating Risk with Barry Dyke

On today’s show, Scott sits down with the author, advisor and catalyst himself, Barry Dyke. Barry is a best-selling author, advisor and speaker committed to telling the truth out about how Wall Street really works. An iconoclast, Barry believes that today’s financial service and retirement planning systems continue to serve Wall Street, the government, the media, Ivy League academia and giant asset managers such as mutual funds more than the common man.  Barry and his advisory firm, Castle Asset Management, LLC has made a spiritual, intellectual and professional commitment to act as an economic warrior that looks out for your best interests—not Wall Street. He and Scott discuss common themes in what he coins The Pirates of Manhattan and how you can navigate risk on a financial and personal level. 


Here are the highlights from today’s show:


  • Truth seeking and Wall Street (3:10)

  • Annuities, retirement plans and why major corporations bought astronomically large amounts of them (10:12)

  • Has America become enslaved in debt? (14:00)

  • Corporations, executives or pirates? (17:46)

  • How to take risk off the table (22:18)

  • God given talent vs. Media and a controlled narrative (28:15)

  • The things you truly can control (29:19)



Lean more about our guest, Barry Dyke : 

https://www.barryjamesdyke.com/ or camnh.com



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