Replacing Retirement with John Anderson

It’s easy for people to fall back on the belief that the best years of your life are behind you, but the Way 2 Wealth is about improving your life through balance and meaning with each passing year.

Our guest today has found a way to help people do just that. John Anderson is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and founder of Replace Retirement. He’s not a believer in the traditional idea of retirement, much like Scott. Instead, he focuses on help people make the 2nd half of their life better than the first by living with purpose.

We wanted to learn more about the system he’s put into place to help people live their legacy by design. When you’re able to replace retirement with intentional living, you’ll find that there’s still a wealth of purpose in life after work.

Join us on today’s episode as we discuss these important topics and more:

  • What is the Legacy Map and how to apply that to your daily living. (5:40)
  • How accountability works better as a triangle. (7:49)
  • The connection between the digital age and the analog operation of nature.  (15:01)
  • Aligning what we believe with our money and how nature ties into all of this. (23:33)
  • What customer intimacy means and why it’s important. (33:04)
  • Forming these patterns around money at an early age and breaking those for future generations. (42:04)
  • The best piece of money advice that John wants to share. (43:43)
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