Being Healthy, Whole and Complete Psychologically with Gemma Stone

As an entrepreneur or business leader, you pour so much time and energy into your work that you want to be able to enjoy the success when it happens but, all too often, that isn’t the case.

Studies show that 72% of leaders and entrepreneurs are either directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues, which is significantly more than people that aren’t in these positions. It’s also why today’s guest has devoted her work to helping coach these leaders during times of emotional stress.

Gemma Stone has offered behind-the-scenes psychological support to leaders and entrepreneurs for over 20 years and she’s with us on this episode to talk about this side of the work we do. It’s not something that we speak openly about very much, but it’s important to have these discussions because we’ve all dealt with these mental struggles to some degree. We hope this show will help shine the light on the trauma that many people carry with them and provide ways to deal with these issues.

Join us on today’s episode as we discuss these important topics and more:

-Aligning the conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious to create sustainable success. (10:09)

-How to identify the trauma in your mind and how to address it. (14:08)

-Examples of ways people have sabotaged their self. (21:09)

-She explains psychological evolution and shares an example. (23:51)

-The importance of separating your identity from the things that you do. (28:24)



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